Your Bathroom is Your Sanctuary

We all have different morning routines, but the majority of us follow a similar pattern as soon as we wake up. First, we hit the snooze button on our phones (does anyone use an alarm clock anymore?). Then, we drag ourselves out of bed and somehow manage to make our way to the bathroom. Usually, Oliver is at the corner of my bed ready to go with a toy in his mouth. Damn that morning pup. One of these days, I'm going to train him to bring me coffee. ⠀ ⠀ If you are like me then it is only when I’m in bathroom and after I have screamed at my Echo “Alexa – play Lizzo, Good as Hell” as she can’t understand my voice the first two times, that is usually when I start to wake up. After your shower, which is more like liquid sleep, you freshen up in there and brush your teeth and you are ready to go. Essentially, your day begins and ends in the bathroom, which is one of the reasons to take a little bit of time to make your bathroom space a little more glamorous. Before I shower, I usually turn up the heat in my house so I can avoid after shower shivers. Nice linens and textiles always help make the bathroom a more enjoyable space. Throw a candle in there because NO ONE likes a smelly bathroom. ⠀ ⠀ Find yourself a functional bathroom vanity too so you can do your morning routine more comfortably and have a place to house your 339 lotions. And last but not least you need a beautiful mirror to see yourself and give yourself the reassurance that you can get through the forthcoming day. Positive reinforcement people – it works. ⠀