To Stage or Not To Stage a Listing

To stage or not to stage

…THAT is the question! One of the major questions I get from sellers is whether the house should be furnished or not for viewings. Well, there are certainly perks to having your home furnished:

Furnishing helps a prospective buyer envision the ways a space can be used, which is much harder to imagine when a room is empty.

While everyone has their own style, a furnished house makes it feel cozier and more like a home--one that buyers can imagine living in. And, if decorated nicely, it can also help leave a lasting impression on a potential buyer.

A room with furniture actually makes the room appear larger!

Buyers tend to focus less on minor imperfections and blemishes, which tend to stand out far more when a house is empty.

If you won’t be living in your house while it’s on the market, no problem! You can also stage your home, which is a super effective way to boost interest in your home.