How to Shop for a Home During Covid-19

If you’re house shopping during the pandemic, here are a few things/tips you should know:

To limit COVID-19 spread, a lot of sellers are only letting serious, pre-approved buyers in for home viewings. So try your best to get preapproved for a loan before you start viewing homes.

Virtual tours used to be reserved for high-end real estate---but now, virtual tours are available for nearly all homes on the market because of COVID. If a virtual tour is not available online, try contacting the listing agent to set up a video call between you and the seller.

If you want to see a home in person but are worried about COVID-19 exposure, have your agent ask the seller if they’ve traveled overseas lately, if they work in the healthcare industry, or if they’ve been practicing social distancing. Then, you can gauge the level of possible exposure and make an informed decision about visiting the home.

You can request that all doors, cabinets, and windows be opened before you view a home. This limits the surfaces you’ll touch.

If you have any questions about how the buying process works during COVID-19, feel free to DM me! I love questions and I want you to feel 100% informed!